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Recent Graduates

Because the job market for graduates is very competitive, it makes sense to use our expert recruitment services to get ahead of the competition.

By registering as a candidate with Thorpe Molloy Recruitment you’ll benefit from our consultants' advice and guidance, possibly considering new options for the first time. For instance, we often find that when graduates accept a temporary assignment, even though it may be a permanent job they are looking for, that the temporary job provides the experience and opportunity to learn new skills which then leads to them securing a permanent job.

To help you prepare to succeed, here’s a few top tips:

Identify your strengths
With so many options out there, it can be difficult to navigate the job market and the choice can be particularly hard if you are unsure which direction to take. It is important to take some time to identify your personal strengths and achievements as well as pertinent skills and preferences before targeting prospective employers - you will be most successful doing what you are good at in an environment that you enjoy. Our recruitment consultants will be able to provide advice on prospective employers and company culture and will understand how to match your skills to relevant job specifications.

Write a good CV
Your CV is your best marketing tool, so it is crucial to get the fundamentals right. There is an abundance of literature on CV ‘do's and don'ts’ but much of the information you read may be conflicting regarding things such as the ideal length and style and content. While you may pick up some useful hints, there is no longer a set format for CVs as long as you avoid gimmicks and jargon. Sports and hobbies are a good way for recruiters to understand the kind of person you are. Should you choose to include these, they are best placed at the end of your CV. Your recruitment consultant will be able to provide constructive advice on how to present your CV most effectively.

Tailor the application for every job
Having prepared your CV, it is a good idea to tailor it for each job you apply for - many applicants fall at the first hurdle because they use a standard CV and only tailor their covering letter. The best applicants adapt the language of their CV to match the requirements of the job and company and this works whether you are responding to an advert or approaching a company speculatively.

Dress to impress
First impressions really do count, so it is worth investing in a smart, conservative ‘interview suit’ before you start applying for jobs. Companies are looking for ambassadors for their business. And remember, it is thought that most recruitment decisions are made within the first few minutes of an interview.

As well as looking smart at the job interview it is important that you answer each question carefully and clearly. You want to appear confident and personable - but not over familiar.

Be flexible
Even if you already know what your ideal job is, you will improve your chances of securing it by being prepared to consider a company's requirements as well as your own. If you are happy to consider working for a different division or willing to complete further training, you are more likely to be seen as the kind of graduate who has a future within an organisation.

Be informed
Read papers and industry magazines to better understand the business community and use the internet to research potential employers. You will be much more impressive at interview and more likely to secure the right job if you know where the company stands in the marketplace and what its core business is about. If you’ve been put forward for an interview by Thorpe Molloy Recruitment, your consultant will be able to share their knowledge of a company with you.

Social networking
Prospective employers may check out your profile on social networking sites such as Facebook - make sure you don’t post anything that has the potential to disadvantage your application. Remember too that many companies are now using social networking to promote themselves, so a company Facebook page may be a good place to find additional information about company events or company culture.