Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

In recruitment terms, what you see is not always what you get. A great interview does not necessarily lead to great job performance. It's reassuring to know that we have a tool that can significantly improve the most valuable of performance metrics - The Quality Of Hire.

What are often known as 'softer' factors are increasingly important for any appointment to be successful in the long term. For instance, how well you understand and get on with people, your ability to lead, how far you follow rules or come up with your own unique solutions and your ability to cope with stress. Finding the right job or hiring the best candidate is as much about these as it is about having a strong CV or an impressive interview technique.

The benefits of our psychometric assessment tool of choice, Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), are:

  • Gain greater assurance over the best candidate selection.
  • Look beyond the interview presentation and CV by gaining clarity on how an individual will meet the demands of their working environment, their working strengths, communication style, fears, motivators and the value their behaviours will bring to the organisation.
  • Save time and money by reducing staff turnover* as well as performance management issues.
  • * Rec: 41% of employers cite poor recruitment for 1 role costs at least £20,000

Revealing Behaviours

Through the interpretation of individual responses to an online questionnaire the PPA report displays behavioural preferences in a graphical format, with accompanying analytical narrative. Completing the online questionnaire only takes 6 - 8 minutes.

Graph I, the Work Mask, shows how the person feels they have to modify their preferred behaviour in order to be successful in their current work situation.

Graph II shows the person’s Behaviour Under Pressure. This is referred to as your raw self and looks at changes in behaviour when pressure becomes extreme.

Graph III shows the person’s Self Image which is their preferred behavioural style at this point in their working life.

The assessment produces a report which is easy to read, interpret and understand. In addition to these graphs and accompanying narrative, the PPA report is composed of a Candidate Feedback Guidance section and an Interviewer’s Guide.

Additional optional reports are available (shown in blue below) and provide information on individual strengths and limitations and advice on the management style which the person will respond most productively to.

Contact Our Accredited Practitioner

Our accredited practitioner is Steve McCulloch. Contact Steve on or click the photo to visit his profile page.

Steve McCulloch

You can also view the behavioural profiles of our recruiters by visiting the Meet The Team section on our website.

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