It is our mission to be the best recruiters in the north east of Scotland by providing the highest level of service. But rather than taking our word for it we thought you’d like to read some feedback from our customers.

Don't just take our word for it

I couldn't have asked for more! Claire is an absolute delight, so friendly and understanding. I was going through a bit of a tough time with regards to employment and she really came through for me. The consistent communication and active job hunting really made such a difference, knowing that she was helping. I would also like to thank her colleagues, who were really 'on it' when Claire was out of the office too, there is obviously a great system in place! I would highly recommend Claire and Thorpe Molloy.

Heather Caldwell, 25th October 2019

I cannot speak more highly of Ashlene for her help, time and encouragement in my job search. Hardly a day goes by without job vacancies being sent to me for consideration. I am sent a wide variety of jobs which is great as I would like to end up doing something completely different and I know from experience in the past that other agencies just have you typecast from your CV and do not see past that. Still looking for my “perfect” job but know with Ashlene and Thorpe Molloy’s help that I will get there.

Pat Reid, 21st October 2019

Callum was exactly what you want in a consultant. He took the time to get to know me, to understand what I wanted out of my next role, especially since what I wanted was something different from my experience on paper, it was refreshing to have someone batting for me and explaining my skills and aptitudes to potential employers in a way that really sold me! Further to this, Callum and I had a great verbal relationship and when I was feeling the despair of never finding the right role, he always had a kind and encouraging word to give a pick me up and keep me going. His diligence paid off and we found a great role which I am really excited about.

Emma Sim, 6th October 2019

I have already recommended TM in particular Laura Ross and if I’m in a position in the future to use your services as an employer I will. Laura took the time to understand my strengths, career direction and aspirations and the job roles I was put forward were a good fit for me every time. Laura kept me informed of progress with regard to applications and on occasions bolstered my spirits when it all felt a bit bleak. She’s an asset to your company who through every engagement demonstrated a professional and compassionate attitude.

Nikki Mann, 16th July 2019

I couldn’t be happier with my dealings with Thorpe Molloy, Ashlene was very understanding with what I wanted in my search for a new job role. Ashlene took lots of time to chat and get to know what I was looking for within the role. Ashlene was very professional and found me a great opportunity, I wasn’t pushed into apply for roles that I didn’t seem as keen on which was great! I would definitely recommend Thorpe Molloy to any friends or family looking for new roles and I wouldn’t hesitate to contact them in the future for myself.

Rebecca Bennet, 17th June 2019

When I became unemployed, I registered will all the agencies I could find, some of them didn’t even get back to me. Thorpe Molloy stayed with me the whole two months I was looking for work. The consultant even gave me a summary of what we had applied for and the results, this whole experience in my opinion is unique to Thorpe Molloy. I have now secured employment with the help of Thorpe Molloy. If you want an agency that is professional and really care then I would recommend Thorpe Molloy.

Susan Hollick, 31st May 2019

Callum deserves highest commendation for his unwavering support that I have been fortunate to receive. His outstanding understanding of my background and career aspirations, continuous encouragement, and frequent updates have proved to be of tremendous impact. From our first e-mail exchange, through our personal meeting and all the way to the job offer that I have recently received, Callum has exhibited the highest degree of professionalism, enthusiasm, effectiveness and friendliness - all of which have contributed greatly to my recent success. I can't recommend the services of Thorpe Molloy enough, and I am wholeheartedly grateful for to you for assisting me on my journey these past months.

Mark Vitkovits, 11th April 2019

Since being registered with Thorpe Molloy, Callum has been excellent in every aspect of my job search, he made sure he was communicating with me daily with new job alerts, or just to catch up. He listened to my preferences and every position he sent me fitted my expectations and skill set perfectly. Callum responded to my emails quickly and answered all my questions. I felt he went above and beyond to help me secure a new job. I would definitely recommend Thorpe Molloy / Callum, to friends / colleagues who may be looking for a new job in the near future.

Antonia Smith, 21st February 2019

I met with Claire Little originally who spent time to understand my redundancy situation and worked with a difficult market to source suitable opportunities for me. Caitlin Taylor and Chris Carr took over my case and again worked with me to source numerous interviews and finding me a great contract position which is currently ongoing. I am delighted to be working for Thorpe Molloy as a contractor, as I was unsure of being directly employed through an agency, never done it before, but will heartily recommend it to anyone. Excellent service and very open, honest recruitment specialists.

Kirstin McKenzie, 23rd August 2018

Gemma was the only person throughout all my searching for jobs that communicated with me, she was very helpful and knew exactly what I was looking for. All in all I feel Gemma is an asset to Thorpe Molloy and as much as the recruitment industry gets a hard time from media, I would have to say Gemma did everything she could of and I will be recommending any her to anyone who is looking for a job, no messing about, she was straight to the point and did the job properly and professionally.

Thomas Stewart, 15th May 2018

Claire is amazing, she really helped me over the past few months and kept my spirits high when I received disappointing news after interviews. I have dealt with lots of recruitment agencies since I moved here 3 years ago and Thorpe Molloy has surpassed my expectations. Very professional and very approachable. I would definitely recommend them to everyone. Simply amazing. I am very pleased with the level of service that they provided, I was always kept up to date on the progress of my applications. Very happy.

Thelma Hanrahan, 21 July 2017

From hearing that my contract was going to end, I got in touch with Thorpe Molloy. I then met with Claire shortly after who asked me in for a meeting. Claire was honest, straight to the point and her feedback was extremely valued to my situation. She kept me in the loop with the current market, she understood my situation and was always positive. I could not recommend a better service, especially in the current climate. Thank you Claire for all your efforts and maintaining a strong professional manner throughout.

Anna Anderson, 29th of March 2017

I met Suzanne Burr during my first stint in Aberdeen in 2012. She was helpful and professional then and aided me to source my first role in a new sector, to me, having moved from Financial Services. After a career break abroad I came back to source work in a changed city and sector and seeked Suzanne's help and advice. From the very start she was genuine, attentive, professional (the list really could go on). I felt that Suzanne went above and beyond the required service, communicating roles very frequently and responding instantly to my queries. In a difficult time for myself and the sector Suzanne got me four interviews and put me forward for countless other positions. Thank you to Suzanne for sticking with me (when many many others did not...) and to Thorpe Molloy. I will definitely be recommending people to use her services.

Shane Daly, 13th October 2016

Thorpe Molloy have now placed me twice in the past year, firstly in a maternity cover role and now in a permanent role within the charity sector. I have registered with every agency in Aberdeen and Thorpe Molloy were the only agency to consistently contact me with suitable roles. I was kept up to date with feedback as and when provided, or dropped a simple note to let me know when no feedback had been given. Communication at other agencies seems to have gone out the window during this industry downturn, and I feel Thorpe Molloy have really carved out their place as number 1 in the market. I have recommended your services to friends who are recruiting and to those who are currently looking for employment. Keep up the good work!

Gillian Kimber, 17th August 2016

In the last two years, Thorpe Molloy Recruitment has been the only agency to follow through. From the initial face to face meeting I received regular job alerts, and if my profile was not required I would receive a well worded email telling me not to be disheartened and to just keep thinking positively and continue with the search. I really appreciated their regular emails just asking how things were doing, and giving any news on the job market. I would recommend them to any of my friends and family.

Linda Sutherland Reid, 9th June 2016

I registered to a few other agents in Aberdeen in order to apply for some jobs, however I never heard back from any of them. When I first registered with Thorpe Molloy I was contacted almost immediately and had a meeting arranged within a few days. Hayley was fabulous and found me an excellent job to apply for and she kept me in the loop every step of the way, throughout the interview stage and the offer stage. My only suggestion would be to continue to provide your excellent service, as this puts you above all the other recruitment agencies I've seen. I will definitely recommend Thorpe Molloy to a friend if they are looking to join an agency.

Lauren Johnston, 12th February 2016

These past months have been difficult times to find work in Aberdeen and I am sure this has made a recruiter's job an even tougher one than normal given the amount of people who have lost their jobs in the oil industry recently. All credit to my consultant who was always available to have a chat and offer encouragement. He made a point of keeping in touch with updates. I wanted to recognise his help and support as this matters a great deal when you find yourself out of work.

Alison Lynch, 14th December 2015

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