How Are We Doing?

Giving feedback can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure how it is going to be received. However, please don’t worry on that account with us. Whether your comments reflect a good, indifferent or even a disappointing experience, we want to hear about it. Constructive feedback is really important as we look to continually appraise our standards of service. We’d welcome comments on any aspect of the service received and are especially interested to know how you view us with respect to our professionalism, market knowledge, communication and overall effectiveness.

Your comments will be received by our Associate Director, Steve McCulloch, and will of course be treated in the strictest of confidence. Steve can be contacted on T 01224 327 000 or at

If you would like to arrange a call to discuss your feedback, please provide a contact number along with your availability and we will be in touch shortly.


It is our mission to be the best recruiters in the north east of Scotland by providing the highest level of service. But rather than taking our word for it we thought you’d like to read some feedback from our customers.

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