Fit for 15

by Thorpe Molloy Recruitment

10th July 2012

It's official. At Thorpe Molloy Recruitment we are a pretty fit bunch! With the Olympics fast approaching, we thought we'd give ourselves a bit of a health assessment and the results have been surprisingly good.

We all talk about wanting to get fit but most of us don't have targets to work towards or really understand what it means for our health to be unfit. It's something we thought we'd like to change because everyone should have the right to feel good!

So, we were recently individually tested by a qualified health professional from who measured things such as blood pressure, weight, body fat percentage and cholesterol and then explained to us what it all meant.

The test results have encouraged us all to quantify our own health and identify what we can do to improve it. It's really amazing what a boost it's been for everyone. Some of us have already made adjustments to our fitness schedules in our efforts to adopt a healthier lifestyle while others are hoping to pick up old athletic hobbies.

We like a little challenge (remember Karen and Jude's marathon efforts last year?) So we've decided to set up our own health initiative called "Fit for 15".

We are encouraging all our staff members to get as fit as they can for our special 15th birthday in September by sharing a weekly activity. Now in our second week we've added 15 star jumps a day to last week's gentle activity of walking for a daily minimum of 15 minutes - you can enjoy our photos on Facebook!

There's loads of benefits to a healthy work force. Healthier employees enjoy their job more, are happier and tend to have higher morale and enhanced motivation and energy. Meanwhile companies gain benefits from improved performance, reduced absenteeism and improved customer satisfaction. Not to mention the fact there are fewer accidents and injuries and lower health care costs.

Super fit amongst us all at Thorpe Molloy Recruitment is Ian Orme, team lead for Office Personnel, perhaps you don't recognise him in this outfit! He made it through the qualifying rounds and is now entered in the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in Las Vegas this September. Now he really is "fit".

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