But I Don't Speak Doric

by Sam McLeod, Accountancy and Finance specialist

30th April 2013

Article published in the April/May 2013 edition of Insider magazine.

There's something in the air all around Aberdeen city and shire that's got nothing to do with the eventual arrival of British Summer Time. This intangible “buzz" can be attributed to confidence and activity.

Data published recently by the Office of National Statistics revealed that Aberdeen city and shire is challenging the trend of slow national economic growth, with many businesses thriving. If you live locally you'd be aware of this without the validation of statistics as local independent and international companies invest billions in the prosperous oil and gas sector. This confidence has a ripple effect with commercial construction and house building on the rise and there are ambitious plans for ensuring future economic success around transport, city centre re-development, skills retention and digital infrastructure.

The area is finally coming to the notice of finance professionals hoping to relocate from London and the Scottish central belt. Although the region retains a large pool of skilled residents, demand is out-stripping local supply. I've recently concluded placements with 4 operators searching for business analysts and there are opportunities for strategic CFOs, economists, tax specialists and commercially astute managers with international and private equity experience. Although practice firms are constantly challenged by the loss of talent to industry, this is creating opportunities for relocating professionals. One of my part qualified ICAS candidates, previously based in London, has successfully transferred her training contract to a local firm.

With a strong economic case for maximising production from our national oil and gas reserves, coupled with long term international demand for industry expertise centred in Aberdeen city and shire, the prospects for this city look good. Don't let the language barrier stop you from enjoying the potential career and personal development opportunities on offer in Aberdeen - we'll provide you with a Doric phrasebook!

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