Plenty Of Bull

by Jacqueline Christie

14th October 2015

Last night I was fortunate enough to be a guest at RGU's Entrepreneurship dinner, one of the many events the university is hosting this year to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Without an entrepreneurial bone in my body I must have hood-winked the organisers into sending an invitation because of our article in the Aberdeen Business Journal.

This unintentional subterfuge led to a very entertaining evening as guests were treated to points of view from John Clark, the Group Chairman of John Clark Motor Group, Neil Sims, VP Europe & CIS for Expro and Ken Howie MD Deeside Activity Park.

Their eclectic experiences and life stories were shared with good humour and charisma along with lashings of banter with the audience which demonstrated the camaraderie between the who's who of local entrepreneurial business people, entrepreneurial champions and facilitators.

A synopsis of the points shared for success included:

  • Make the most of every introduction to grow your network and knowledge.
  • Be prepared to fail and make mistakes.
  • Develop people and provide opportunities for intrapreneurs in your organisation.
  • Allow yourself time for quality thinking.
  • It's OK to re-invent yourself and diversify!
  • Collaborate, ask for help, share your knowledge.

  • Another point, most eloquently conveyed in the fine Doric language by Ken Howie is to have passion for what you do. Bonkers about Aberdeen Angus cattle he gave us a whistle stop tour around its heritage and the local businesses thriving directly or indirectly because of this breed.

    If only Rita Marcella had arranged for guests to leave with bottles of his infectious positivity. Hijacking a trending hashtag, I left the event thinking less #thisgirlcan and more #thiscitycan.

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