Newly Qualified And Worried About Job Security

by Hayley Fletcher

10th August 2016

For years there was a resigned acceptance by Aberdeen accountancy practice firms that many graduates would work their way through a three year training contract, qualify and then sooner rather than later make the transition into oil and gas.

Managing this attrition required robust recruitment and forecast planning to ensure a talent pipeline which supported business growth and met client service level expectations. But in the past 2 years the churn has diminished as the job opportunities in the historically voracious energy sector dried up.

This creates a new conundrum.

Graduates hired while the market was buoyant have shed the blood, sweat and tears generally associated with completing a traineeship and balancing the commitments of professional study only to qualify in a completely different hiring landscape.

Is the volume of newly qualified accountants edging towards a tipping point where, for the first time in years, there's more talent than jobs? What's your experience?

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