Soundtrack To Your Week

by David Lewis

11th May 2018

Just for fun we asked Original FM BIG Breakfast DJ David Lewis to collate a soundtrack to the working week. He kindly obliged. If you are seeking a little respite from your day, turn up the tunes and dance around (alternatively, sitting down with a big cup of tea is really good too!)


Even if you love your job, for most of us Monday really means an end to the weekend, and back to the daily grind - don't we all wish we could be rescued from that?


Sometimes Tuesday can be worse than Monday. The weekend chat has died down and Friday seems a long way away. Let's just focus on Stayin' Alive....


If Monty doesn't cheer you up - nothing will!


You're feeling strong, spirits are lifted as you power through the work load and navigate the daily challenges with style!


There's something about that Friday Feeling, for a feel good song that gets your hips moving you can always count on Justin.


Sunshine in a song guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


Ahhh, this Maroon 5 classic is perfect for creating mellow moods, thoughts of a lazy breakfast and taking it easy for the rest of the day.

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