Callum Robertson

Callum Robertson

Recruitment Consultant

This is not fake news – Callum is the most positive, energetic, polite person you are ever likely to meet. Personal inspirations come from Rat Pack legend Ol' Blue Eyes, Mr Frank Sinatra, and heavyweight boxing world champion Anthony Joshua. As a personal trainer himself, Callum has an inkling of the dedication and hard work behind Anthony's success but as far as singing goes…….. he should leave that for the shower.

Aspiring to be a professional golfer he played 45 holes of golf every day throughout his young summer years! This is the type of dedication he shows to the job seekers and employers he now works for as one of our Accountancy and Finance recruiters.

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

This enthusiastic, positive person is friendly, people-orientated and independent. His people skills are easily recognised by others and his optimism is contagious. An IS profile Callum’s ideal working environment is of a structured nature but one which allows him to act independently to provide a service to others.

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