Criselda Martins

Criselda Martins

Recruitment Consultant

Criselda's family originates from the coastal Indian state of Goa. Its tropical climate and the extended family and friends who live there mean that it is a very appealing regular destination for this frequent traveller.

The best piece of advice she ever received is from her deputy head teacher at St Machar Academy. Mr Paul reinforced the importance of a strong work ethic with the mantra "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

Working hard suits this perfectionist very well and Criselda went on to study Law LLB at Robert Gordon University. Criselda chose recruitment because she was looking for a career in sales and to pursue a desire to make a positive impact on other people.

A very social character Criselda loves a good conversation and going anywhere alone is her biggest nightmare because there is no-one to talk with! However, this same characteristic is a strength as she is capable of talking to, and relating with, anyone.

While a career in Bollywood remains an unfulfilled dream she still loves to dance!

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

Criselda is an ICD profile. Friendly and diplomatic she sets very high standards for herself and others. She enjoys influencing decisions by effectively communicating technical or specialist information. Great news for clients and candidates alike - she has an innate need to come up with the perfect solution! Criselda Martins on LinkedIn


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