Emma Hunter

Emma Hunter

Senior Consultant

Emma is the company's resident book worm and is the founder of Thorpe Molloy Recruitment's book club. She's also a serious foodie which makes it all the more weird that her favourite meal in the world is a sandwich. She loves travelling and can talk for hours about her obsession – cruising (the ship / international travel kind of cruising, of course).

With a degree in International Tourism Management and experience working in the hospitality industry it is probably no surprise that Emma is passionate about customer service. This is particularly valued by her candidates, as many are seeking guidance and coaching on how they can further their careers across the specialisms in which Emma works. Emma is a regular contributor to our school workshops and presents to ACCA and Aberdeen University students.

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

Emma, an ID profile, is very optimistic and gregarious in her dealings with others. She is exceedingly influential and persuasive. She has an ability to convince and lead other people to her way of thinking. Emma is motivated by challenge and achieving a good result.

ehunter@thorpemolloy.com Emma Hunter on LinkedIn

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