Paul Duthie

Paul Duthie

Senior Consultant

Sadly, Paul's dreams of becoming an international football superstar were crushed when he realised he wasn't blessed with much ability in that department. Seeking an alternative glamorous career that would lead to fame and fortune proved elusive, so he decided to become a really good recruiter instead.

Paul recruits for warehouse and manufacturing vacancies. His clients can expect a professional and thorough service, with a focus on delivering a high level of customer care. Known in the office for his acerbic wit, he definitely has a sensitive side, coaching job seekers on improving their employment prospects and delivering our schools workshops.

He hopes to be one of the first to stay at the Brewdog Hotel when it opens in Ellon.

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

Paul is an ID profile. Optimism, enthusiasm and an easy-going attitude are key factors in Paul's characteristics. A natural leader he is self-assured and pushes forward to achieve a result and to meet his objectives. He prefers to be given assignments which involve meeting people, allowing him to act freely. Paul Duthie on LinkedIn

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