Volunteer Day For VSA

by Thorpe Molloy Recruitment

14th June 2018

We recently visited VSA's Easter Anguston Farm for our 2018 volunteer day. What a brilliant place!

We built new installations in the Enchanted Fairy Wood, painted a shed, cleared the redundant strawberry plants, fed the farm animals and picked strawberries for sale.

The Enchanted Fairy Wood

There was also a short game of football with the adult trainees before a very gentle walk around the sensory garden.

Easter Anguston Sensory Garden

Easter Anguston is an operational farm which serves as a training facility for adults with learning difficulties and other additional support needs. At 75 acres with livestock, fruit tunnels and garden plants for sale there's always a lot of work to be done. Volunteers make a hugely positive impact and are always in demand. We can't recommend the experience highly enough. Contact Neil Robertson or Nicola Henderson if you'd like to arrange a team trip.

Easter Anguston is also open to the public.

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