How To Write A Powerful Personal Statement

by Thorpe Molloy Recruitment

5th September 2018

Which part of your CV do you find the hardest to write?

We're guessing (from lots of experience) that it's the personal statement. Don't worry. We've provided a step by step guide to writing a powerful personal statement, breaking down an effective process into easy to follow tactics. We'll show you how to:

  • Make your personal statement grab the reader's attention (for all the right reasons).
  • Keep it concise but factual, friendly and professional.
  • Tailor your personal statement with achievements most relevant to each application.
  • Quantify and clearly outline your achievements.
  • Drop buzzwords.
  • Represent the REAL you!

By following our process you'll discover an easy way to compile a really effective personal statement - probably uncovering a few gems about yourself along the way.

Happy Writing!

Download A Recruiter's Guide To Writing A Powerful Personal Statement

Powerful Personal Statement

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